How to unlock Shangai Even Boost MO28T (Busy 4G)



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Video Link

1.Download the unlock files

Updated  Link:

2.Install WTPTP Driver

Note: Install this driver base on your system type (x86 and x64 bit)

3. Install Generic Mifi Drivers manually using the link below.

4. You are now ready to unlock your device.

NOTE: During the First Flash, you have to disconnect the MiFi at 20% To 24% Erase All Flash To allow the device to accept different incompatible loaders.


i.  Open L02BUganda1_M023_LCD firmware in your extracted files.

ii.  Open/Run SWDownloader.exe file.

iii. Click on the small folder icon and select the blf file ( Nezha_MiFi5_LWG_Only_Nontrusted )

watch the pictures below

iv. Click on Options and Select Erase All Flash
v. Tick other non Ticked files.

vi. Proceed to Start by clicking on the Green Button and Connect the device without battery to start flashing.

NOTE: During the First Flash, you have to disconnect the MiFi at 20% To 24% Erase All Flash by Removing the Usb cable from the Device.

                                                              FLASHING THE SECOND FILE
                                                                  Do not interrupt the flash this time
                                                     { L02HSUN1_FXPR2_M028T_V003 }

NOTE: Do not interrupt the flash this time
Follow the exact instructions in the pictures below
i. Open software, Open SWD folder and select Nehza ( blf ) file to load flash files
ii. Tick other non ticked files.
iii. Select Erase all flashed in Options 
iv. Proceed to Start by clicking on the Green Button and Connect the device without battery to flash.

v.Disconnect the Device

                                                                                            FLASHING THE THIRD FILE:

                                                                                   { L02B_M028T_vodafone_Cameroun } 

Flashing the LAST FIRMWARE, follow same instructions in the previous pictures

i. Open software, Open and select Nehza file to load flash files

ii. Tick other non ticked files, selects Erase all flashed in Options

iii. Proceed to Start by clicking on the Green Button and Connect the device without battery again to flash.

v.Disconnect the Device. 

( The Device Is Now Unlocked )

                                                                                     CONFIGURING THE DEVICE
1.  Change the default SIM card with any network provider SIM.

2.  Power the Device ON.   The Device will Ask For PH-NET PIN)

                                   (The Unlock code is 123456)

3. Connect the Device to the PC using the USB cable or WiFi.
4. Open your web browser and navigate to
5. You will be asked to enter username and password. Enter “smartbro” as username and password.
 6. Skip the Welcome page, Click on the Internet TAB
 7. Select MEP Settings and Type the Unlock Code As 123456 and Click On Unlock.
8. Goto Internet TAB and Change the Preferred Network Mode to 4G-HSPA+/3G
9. Locate Auto Configure APN at the Bottom of the Internet TAB page and Untick  Auto Configure APN, 
Save your settings.

Follow the exact instructions in the pictures below

1. Login to the Dashboard  and Type “smartbro” as Username and Password

2. Skip the Welcome page, Click on the Internet TAB,

Select MEP Settings and Type the Unlock Code As 123456

3. Unlock Code accepted; you should see searching for signals on your MiFi, Just wait for the Device to display your sim Network.

4. Locate Auto Configure APNat the Bottomof the Internet TABpage andUntick  Auto Configure APN, 
Save your settings.

NOTE:You will see PH-NET PIN each time you reset your Device.  The Unlock code is 123456.


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  1. Emmanuel Barry

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Emmanuel Barry

    When trying to flash the third file i get a message saying "WTPWTP Error: FBF_VersionNotMatch

  3. Adorbli George

    what is your device model number?

  4. Emmanuel Barry


  5. Emmanuel Barry

    I get that message when it reaches 100%

  6. Emmanuel Barry

    Please what do i do..??

  7. Adorbli George

    Please send me a picture of your Device

  8. Emmanuel Barry

    It worked

  9. Adorbli George


  10. Rashid Tetteh

    All this should be than with the Busy simcard out

  11. Adorbli George

    Yes please

  12. benard kupoalor

    Please I have finished everything but my device is continually searching

  13. Adorbli George

    Change the Network Mode from 4G to Automatic

  14. Adorbli George

    You can watch the video Tutorial

  15. benard kupoalor

    Yes I did that, I changed it to auto but still no signal

  16. benard kupoalor

    And I have watched the video

  17. Adorbli George

    Send me a picture of your device through WhatsApp

  18. Innocent Kabambi

    hie to you sir George!
    have followed all the instructions but still i'm getting this massege: device #6&7bda045&2# error; wtptp error;fbf-version not match. error code is 0x10.
    please help?

  19. Adorbli George

    Give me your device model number

  20. Samuel Bedzrah

    Have an error while installing the second firmware (code is 0x10.)
    Using windows 10.
    Mif m028terror

  21. Samuel Bedzrah

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Adorbli George

    Text me on WhatsApp

  23. Jay Quophi

    i keep getting this error when i try doing the first flash.

    Device #6&335f0f35&0&3# error:
    WTPTP Error: FBF_VersionNotMatch
    Error Code is:0x10

    My model is M028T

  24. Adorbli George

    I think your Device board is not L02B version.

  25. Adorbli George

    Contact me on WhatsApp for another method +233247266865

  26. Godwin Stefan Salvatore Addo

    My modem is L02B please is this guide and files compatible with it? Please help

  27. Adorbli George

    Yes please

  28. STCBCN

    Thanks so much………..It worked on my Busy 4G M028T device.

  29. kouass prod

    Hi please i have this message Device #6&335f0f35&0&3# error:
    WTPTP Error: FBF_VersionNotMatch
    Error Code is:0x10

  30. Adorbli George

    During the first flash or second?

  31. Godfred Ocansey

    Please i have the same error during the first flash

  32. Adorbli George

    Install the Drivers again.

    You can contact me on WhatsApp if u still have that error

  33. jackson gold

    U for real man …it works perfectly well

  34. Philoxy Family

    Man your great. i love so far so much. Thanks for sharing all the knowledge for free. Add a donate button on your blog and we shall support you. Am impressed

  35. Nana

    George it worked but the signal indicator doesn't come on. Can you help?
    I have sent you a txt on WhatsApp.

  36. Adorbli George

    Change the Network mode to Auto

  37. damola

    Hello i get the fbf version not matche error
    M022T….. LO2C_1_30

  38. Adorbli George

    Contact me on WhatsApp for another method +233247266865

  39. Anonymous


    How About Shanghai Boost Even Technology LTE CPE Model R02, Do You Some Options How To Unlock It.


  40. Adorbli George

  41. Adorbli George

    Contact me on WhatsApp +233247266865

  42. Moses Obuya

    All went well but it cant get into the dashboard for me to put in the key 123456. Any help on this as it can't get to

  43. Adorbli George

    Connect the MiFi to the laptop using the USB CABLE and try it again

  44. Unknown

    please mine gives searcing
    any solution ps
    and the black one too

  45. Adorbli George

    contact me On WhatsApp +233247266865

  46. Anonymous

    It was so easy following the steps. I just Unlocked my Busy 4g M028T, Thanx to @George Adorbli, too legit

  47. nuhu rauf

    Please i can't find the MEP settings on my internet dialog

  48. Leo Dosu

    please i use telegram and not whatsapp or gmail buh my board is a L02C_1_30
    can i please reach you via your mail or perhaps you have a telegram

  49. decount

    the dashboard is not smarbro but sun broadband and the unlock 123456 is not working.. the lcd screen on the modern is not showing

  50. Ernest Adu-Twum

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. admin

    Go over again

  52. Aaron Abraham

    Pls can this work on spectranet Shanghai even boost M022T?

  53. admin

    Not yet. I’m now working on that

  54. chuks

    ok i am waiting thanks admin

  55. james

    i love you, thanks was very helpful

  56. admin

    You are welcome

  57. admin

    Just follow the procedures

  58. joel

    my name is joel…i followed the your tutorials on how to unlock busy 4g mo2t ,the device unlocked successfully but ,but it dosnt show any network signal, it only displays searching on the mifi..iv tried all d solutions you gave on the comment section but it still dosnt work..please help.. thank yo

  59. admin

    Contact me on +233247266865 for another file

  60. admin

    Your device board is L02C

  61. juana

    Thank you very much

  62. Felix

    Hi admin…I followed the steps and everything worked but after entering on the browser…its did not appear as smartBro but rather *WELCOME…
    LOGIN TO MANAGE UR BUSY 4G DEVICE…. IT asked for password..I entered and now there is another page asking for my Modems IMEI… as follows
    *YOUR MODEM IMEI:86207503103474
    Enter the code [ ]
    Attempts left: 100
    If I enter my IMEI.. IT says wrong
    The code must be 16
    Plz can you help?

  63. admin

    You did not flash the device

  64. admin

    Read the tutorial carefully and try it again

  65. eMKLAN

    Admin when i try downloading the flash files i get forwarded to some betting sites..Is there another link i can get the flash files from?

  66. admin

    I will send you the download link

  67. Emklan

    Please I’ve tried the flashing from the first step but I get wtptp error fbf version not match error code is 0x10

  68. admin

    It means your board version is not L02B

  69. Rouss

    That error just means your device can’t flash because your board is newer than the files provided or something like that. In other words unless newer files are released, you won’t be able to flash your device. I have 4 of these 4G mifis.. 2 flashed successfully, the other 2 give the error u mentioned despite all 4 having the exact same model numbers. Nothing you can do fam.

  70. Rouss

    Nothing you can do about that error, just means your board’s date is newer than the files. Unless newer files are released, there’s no workaround. But i can assure you it isn’t your fault and your drivers are indeed installed correctly. Try another device and it should work.

  71. admin

    The Device can be unlocked without flashing it. But its not for free.

  72. admin

    Your other two devices can be unlocked with our new solution. Just contact us on WhatsApp +233509687079. Thanks

  73. kobby

    please how do i get the 4G network after unlocking? Thank you.

  74. admin

    Contact me on WhatsApp

  75. Rash

    i finished the first flashing but now my device is off and won’t come on again

  76. admin

    Don’t worry, just continue with the second and the third flash.


    Hello i get the fbf version not matche error

  78. admin

    What is your board version?

  79. Anonymous

    hi admin, i am also having the same error message.
    how do i solve it?

  80. U Aung Gyi

    can l unlock zte router MF920TS used in ananda wireless network /Myanmar?

  81. admin

    Contact us on WhatsApp

  82. admin

    Contact us on WhatsApp

  83. nanayaw

    i really need an assistance on how unlock this device LTE MIFI Model: M121 number on the board L12-1-10
    kindly assist me whatsapp +233575005905

  84. Yves

    Hi, my board is L02D. I did everything the device is unlocked but forever searching for the network. It says on the device Searching… what can I do please.

  85. Mr. Quaye

    Plz am not able to download the requirements…. anytime i tap on the link I get redirect to other websites
    I need help plz

  86. Anonymous

    It doesn’t go 4g always at 3g

  87. elliot

    the flash file link is opening a betting site can u pls help me out

  88. Ananymouse

    why can’t i do it without a battery?

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