How To Unlock ZTE MF910 (BUSY 4G)

How To Unlock  ZTE MF910 (Megafon MR150-2)



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1. Turn off your ZTE Router.

i. Change the default SIM card with another network provider SIM

ii. Power it ON and connect it to the PC using both the USB cable and  WiFi.

2. Install the driver using   ZTE_LTE_Drivers.exe Installer

3. Run ZTE Reader Tool

i. Click On “Detect” button

NOTE: If the drivers are not well installed, then you have to update them manually using “Folder-M”

ii. Click on  “Diag Mode”  button if everything is done correctly, the log window will display { “result”: “success”}, and opened the Device Manager for   ZTE COM ports.

Note: remember “ZTE Diagnostics Device COM port number“.  For example COM9 = 9

4. Open any browser, enter the address bellow and Press ENTER.

If everything is done correctly, the log window will display    ” get  { “Result”: “FACTORY: ok”} ”

5. Run MF823_MF825_unlock.cmd or  Run MF823_MF825_unlock and enter the ZTE Diagnostics Device COM port number.

6. The device will reboot and will display the network of the inserted SIM card.

7. Now login to the device Dashboard/webpage  and change the Network Mode/Network Selection to AUTO  and Create  New APN Profile

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