Unlock MTS-872FT (D03I)

This MTS 4G Wingle (D03I) acts as your personal mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. You can connect up to 8 Wi-Fi enabled devices and 1 USB tethering device at the same time.

It comes with MTS customized firmware and can be unlocked with the factory NCK/Unlock Code

NOTE: The unlock code is completely safe and is provided by the manufacturer. 

ATTENTION!  The Approximate Delivery Time For An Unlock Code For MTS Devices Starts From 10  to 15 mins.


Part Number                            :MTS-872FT (D03I)

LTE Band                                   : FDD Band 3/7/20, TD Band 38 & UMT Band 1/8

Wireless                                    : WIFE IEEE 802 11b/g/n

User Amount                           : 8 user WiFi + 1 USB cable user

External Storage Slot              : Micro SD up to 32GB

How To Unlock Your MTS-872FT.

  1. Change the default SIM card with another network provider SIM.
  2. Plug your device to the PC  or Connect it to the PC via WiFi.
  3. Open your web browser and navigate to
  4. You will be asked to enter “username and password”. Enter “admin” as username and password.
  5. The device will prompt you to enter Unlock Code/NCK

6. Input the correct unlock code/NCK which you have received from us and click on Apply

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Fee: $3 Only


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