Unlock Telkomsel SpeedUp-M-42 ( INDONESIA )

This 4G LTE wireless router acts as your personal mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. You can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices and 1 USB tethering device at the same time.

It comes with a customized firmware and can be unlocked with the factory PH-NET PIN



Part Number                            : SpeedUp M-42

LTE Band                                   : FDD Band 3 & 8 (1800/900MHz)

                                                      LTE FDD 3GPP R9, Category 4,

                                                      DL 150Mbps UL 50Mbps

                                                      UMTS/HSPA+ Band: 2100MHz

                                                       HSPA+ up to 21 Mbps DL and 5,76 Mbps UL

Display                                      : OLED Screen 1,44

Wireless                                    : WIFE IEEE 802 11b/g/n

User Amount                           : 10 user WiFi + 1 USB cable user

Battery                                      : 2050mAH

Working Time                          : Up to 8 hours (stand by: 100 hours)

External Storage Slot              : Micro SD up to 32GB

Additional function                 : SMS, Phonebook, USSD (UMB), APN Auto Management,

                                                        Auto Connect, Auto Reconnect

                                                        APK Setting Application (Android)

                                                        Check Quota and Balance on OLED screen.

Size                                            : H: 98mm, W: 63.5mm and D: 13.6mm

Weight                                      : 130g (including the battery)

How To Unlock Your Telkomsel M-42

  1. A good internet connection
  2. Teamviewer
  3. Your locked SpeedUp M-42 MiFi.

              Unlocking fee is $5 Only.

NOTE: This Method is completely safe.

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